Biocompatibility Testing Referrals


Biocompatibility testing is a sophisticated and scientific way to determine if a dental material is reactive to the immune system of a particular individual. We use Biocomp Laboratories which is a CLIA certified lab located in Colorado Springs, CO. They test blood serum biocompatibility for dental materials. This way the patient and the dentist can know ahead of time if a certain dental material has a high likelihood of reactivity with a patient and order a more biocompatible material to be used for the dental procedure. Though it is not mandatory, we highly recommend that all of our patients have a current/updated biocompatibilty test completed before treatment is administered.

The test packet can be ordered online (free shipping) or picked up at our office if we have kits on hand. Patients can then follow the Biocomp directions and use a local lab of their choice to have the test completed. After mailing the test to the company, the Biocomp lab will run the test and mail the results packet back to the patient. The patient can then bring the results to our office for the dentist to review.

Once we have this valuable piece of information, we are able to use that information in conjunction with our other findings at your initial comprehensive exam to customize and individualize your personal dental treatment plan.

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