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The staff were all welcoming and professional. Dr. Ireland took time to fully listen to, and assess my concerns. She gave her recommendations, with a multi-option approach. Yet I feel she fully respects my decisions about my care. It’s a refreshing change from the must-fluoride-drill-n-fill tactics of my previous dentist. I think I found a good fit for me.

Jen E

First off, Andy and Brianna and Dr. Ireland are all very personable and extremely competent. My first visit was extremely satisfying and Dr. Ireland took way more time with me, looking, discussing, explaining and engaging in a conversation about my well being than any other dentist ever has. She talked at length with my wife (the person with the brains) about my dental health and plan of action, which I find incredibly refreshing in this day and age. Dr. Ireland is very progressive and in tune with the whole body as a healing mechanism. No dentist has ever recommended garlic as a way to heal a possible bacterial infection to me until now? I’m looking forward (did I actually say that) to our next and subsequent visits.


Dr. Ireland is an exceptional dentist she takes time to share her knowledge with me. She is gentle and caring and explained the procedures needed to help me attain a healthier mouth and in turn a healthier body.


Dr. Ireland is one of the most compassionate, down to earth people I know. I have worked side by side with her, and as a fellow dentist, I know how committed she is to her patients and providing them with excellent dental care. I think she stands out because she is so approachable and nice. You can witness this first hand how she works so easily with her co-workers and naturally makes her patients feel like they are part of a family.


I am so thankful that I have met Dr. Ireland. She explains things well and is very patient with me. She is kind and sweet.


Dr. Ireland was so gentle in my dental work I was amazed! Most Professional
Dental work that I have ever received!
Can’t wait to recommend her to all my
Family and Friends!


The best dentist I’ve ever been to. The service went above and beyond expectation, addressing whole body wellness. Dentist was researched and provides the best possible biocompatible materials. A++


What a good first visit, and how impressed and pleased I am! And what luck to have the sharp, passionate, progressive Dr. Ireland so close, not an hour’s drive away – I’d drive five!


Barbara Ireland, with the help of her skilled and well trained staff, performed Xrays, as well as a comprehensive exam on me today. I feel I am in good hands there in that Barbara is well versed in her knowledge and uses gentle, thoughtful approach. I liked what I experienced and am eager in continuing on this path of Health & Healing! Sedona, Az


Dr. Ireland is a supportive, compassionate and skilled biological dentist with knowledge of and personal experience with a variety of natural tools and modalities to support a healthy mouth and dentition. Her knowledge extends to restoring health and balance to the whole body.
She recently helped me make a difficult decision to extract a tooth that had reached its end. So far healing has progressed better than anticipated with no complications. I highly recommend this practice for a wholistic approach to dental care.


Absolutely wonderful dentist. It is so nice to have found a dentist who genuinely cares about the products they use. Wonderful with my ten year old. I highly recommend her!!!


I highly recommend Dr. Ireland one of the best dentists I have ever had and had the pleasure of working with!


Thank you Dr Ireland for the wonderful work you did yesterday. You were more professional that any other Dentist I have had in the past. I love the fact that you are a Biological Dentist and refuse to follow the pack in selling fluoride treatments which is pure poison. I am planning on driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff in a few weeks to get the metals taken out of my teeth. I have a friend in Las Vegas who had this done and it dramatically changed his health for the better. Tim King, Phoenix


They’re great! I was very impressed with Dr. Ireland’s knowledge and willingness to answer questions and explain things. I’ll have more to say later after I’ve done some work with them.


Extremely nice people and love the concept! They are an awesome dentist to visit


Dr. Ireland spent a significant amount of time explaining processes and recommendations. She is very thorough, and I appreciate her focus on the health of the whole body.


Fantastic first visit, and just what I was looking for. For those who choose holistic, harmonious support in other areas of life but figured ‘dentistry is just, well, what it is…’, good news! We have Dr. Ireland’s office to turn to, now. THANK GOODNESS.
My first visit was a COMPREHENSIVE review of my dental health and history. I was inspired by Dr. Ireland’s depth of knowledge; however, along with education and down-to-earth explanations, Dr. I
reland also LISTENS and works to come up with a prioritized treatment plan to which we both agree.
I’ll never go anywhere else.


The best dentist I have ever been to. Great with kids. Doesn’t push poisons like fluoride on people. Very upfront with problems and pricing. My family and I were on vacation in Sedona Arizona and my son complained about a sore tooth. We got an appointment for the same day, and treated the cavity same day also. That never happens, but they fit us in as soon as possible because they care. If i lived in the Flagstaff area, this would be my regular dentist. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Ant G

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Ireland. I felt as though she took the time to provide me with all of the information and knowledge that I needed to feel comfortable and at ease during my amalgam removel. Dr. Ireland also did a great job of communicating what I should expect to feel during my procedure. This level of communication helped me to stay relaxed and calm. This quality of care and attention is rare and greatly appreciated.


Awesome dentist and staff!!


I definitely recommend Dr. Ireland to anyone looking for a good Dentist. She greets you with a smile. She is professional and very patient. I have always been an anxious dental patient. She put me at ease with her calming personality. She has a very gentle touch and did 2 fillings on me relatively quickly.
You can tell she has been a Dentist for a long time. She’ll change your negative perception of dental visits if you give her the chance!


Awesome dental office and team.  Make sure you go there.


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